To make the best equipment it follows that you need the best team. But being the best isn’t just about having the best engineers.

At Wardpower we’re a close-knit and friendly group who are dedicated to providing the best service whether you’re a new enquiry or a longstanding customer. 

Why not give us a call, or find out more about us by checking out our profiles.  

Atul Pai Kane

Here is a photo taken from Atuls latest album cover for “Songs from the Scottish Isles “a rousing collection of sea shanties and highland ditties, Atul is a big fan of all things from north of the border apart from Shortbread Bagpipes tartan ….that leaves ….ah yes of course 

David Steele MIDGTE, MSOE, MIPlantE, MIDiagE, MIOD
Managing Director

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them, well done Dave two outa three aint bad and sometime soon you can have a holiday...and yes we couldn't decide on a job title so we gave him two !!

Scott Davison
Commercial Director

Scott is the newest member to our Team. He joins us with a wealth of experience in overseas business. We think he will fit in well, he just hasn't arrived yet - he's currently on the 14th flight of the day and is currently expected to arrive on the 17th Julember. He has a love of Christmas tunes and he's from New Zealand...nothing we could do about that one!

Sunil Pai Kane

You’ve heard the saying he can sell snow to the Eskimos well Sunil has…. together with a heat recovery package and a nice line in solar panels and gen sets, Sunil is our sales supremo,  here he is just after being confirmed as a judge for the forthcoming Eurovision song contest …..don’t forget the ear defenders .

Jose 'Geronimo' Fernandes

“As our resident Gas expert, what Jose doesn’t know about Methane content spit back detectors and all things Gaseous isn’t worth knowing, he has recently auditioned for a part in the next “Avengers “ saga as a new super hero  “Gasman “ fingers crossed Jose, not sure about the hat though maybe something in red with a flash on it ?

Gaurapriya Pai Kane

We just managed to catch Gaurapriya in between shopping trips , she is a dedicated shopper and has represented India at the “shop until you drop” world championships in Helsinki 2009, Gaurapriya came a creditable 4th

Tracy Bothamley
PA to the Directors

BESC NEBOSH IOSH Grid Person are some of the many training courses that our Tracy will arrange for you to take, 'tattooing for beginners' and 'how to make your compost heap work for you', are ones that our chaps have enquired about… not sure how these will make us build better Generators but in our industry perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

Glenn Gardner
Project Manager

Some Organisations are lucky enough to have staff who are steadfast reliable and loyal, no dramas no fuss , we have Glenn… nuff said.

Jenni Houghton
Project Manager

Plate spinning archery and competitive nappy changing are all in a typical days activity for Jenni, she also finds time to manage our clients major infrastructure projects, Victoria’s Secrets loss is our gain.

Karen Raffell
Project Manager

Karen is totally immersed in the world of tenders and quotes… meeting tender deadlines and completing questionnaires is her 'meat and drink'. It seems that the more obscure and challenging the better, thankfully the swearing has stopped and the Taekwondo lessons have been a great help.

Denise Hardman
Financial Controller /PA

Denise’s motto is 'The creditor hath a better memory than the debtor'. She has heard every tall tale and lays claim to authorship of the classic excuse 'we are having a new carpet fitted in our Accounts dept and decided to give everyone the day off so unfortunately there will not be a cheque run this week'. She has an IQ of 127 and knows where you live… you have been warned.

Duncan Austin
IT Consultant

“Most of us have little idea what Duncan is on about most of the time, but he clearly knows his Nybbles and Terabytes and when one of our specialist sites has crashed… we call the D.A.

Matthew Burridge
Design Engineer

Recently shortlisted for a film part as an MI6 Boffin, Matthew has all the qualifications, unfortunately it turned out his only other acting job was as third king (frankincense) in a production of the Nativity, some chap called Wishaw got the job. Anyway we are lucky to have him in our team, we are a tad concerned about his wristwatch and biro though they keep vibrating.

Tim Postnieks MIDGTE
Operations Manager

“This is indeed a very rare photo of Tim, only achieved following several painstaking hours in a camouflaged hide, he was tempted into the open by playing Black Sabbath tapes and by placing potted meat sandwiches in his 'run' …He’s gone again now on another mission “by sea by land… Anywhere.

Nigel Connah
Business Development

as Brexit gets into full swing our French pals have been clearing out some of their “undesirables” mai oui…hence Nigel returning to the fold some 16 years after fleeing our  sunny Yorkshire climes ….Slipper of the Yard  has been informed.

The Wardpower Team

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them (usually in the Harlequin pub at lunch times) then maybe you can hire… The Wardpower Team

Peaches and Harry the Hamster (company pets )
Company Dog

Oh Peaches bad dog!!!

Thomas Smith B.Eng (Hons)
Trainee Power Generation Engineer

Tom joins us as an Aeronatuical Engineer. Some may ask “what’s an aeronautical engineer doing in power generation ? others will say gen sets and parts delivered by Drones .. albeit big ones ….you heard it here first “