Scottish Tea Company, James Finlays Ltd (Glasgow), had need Natural Gas Driven Generating Sets for their plantations in the Srimangal area.


It’s over 40 years since WARDPOWER’s longest standing customer bought their first Generating set in 1975 primarily to act as a standby to the NEPA mains supply.

Peaches and Harry the Hamster (company pets )

Oh Peaches bad dog!!!

Karen Raffell

Karen is totally immersed in the world of tenders and quotes… meeting tender deadlines and completing questionnaires is her 'meat and drink'. It seems that the more obscure and challenging the better, thankfully the swearing has stopped and the Taekwondo lessons have been a great help.

Jenni Houghton

Plate spinning archery and competitive nappy changing are all in a typical days activity for Jenni, she also finds time to manage our clients major infrastructure projects, Victoria’s Secrets loss is our gain.

Glenn Gardner

Some Organisations are lucky enough to have staff who are steadfast reliable and loyal, no dramas no fuss , we have Glenn… nuff said.

David Steele

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them, well done Dave two outa three aint bad and sometime soon you can have a holiday...and yes we couldn't decide on a job title so we gave him two !!

Tracy Bothamley

BESC NEBOSH IOSH Grid Person are some of the many training courses that our Tracy will arrange for you to take, 'tattooing for beginners' and 'how to make your compost heap work for you', are ones that our chaps have enquired about… not sure how these will make us build better Generators but in our industry perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

Vicky Law

Vicky was a founder member of the 'Rochdale Massive' the gang you will recall were famous for their 'electric' northern soul dance moves. Nowadays Vicky gets her kicks visiting National Grid Sub Stations!... it takes all sorts.

Bob Linley

Bob is recently returned to the fray following a prisoner swap in Bogotá-after spending several years concentrating on his 'hobbies', he’s relishing this latest stewardship... honest.