National Grid Type Registration

......further National Grid Type Registered Solutions added to the Wardpower catalogue !!!

Board yet?

....well looks like the holidays will have wait Dave. David Steele joins the Board of Directors.

Making an exhibition of ourselves

Wardpower were pleased to support the Energy4powerlive event at the London Hilton on 17th November, this was a very well organised and well attended networking event for the power generation industry and the luncheon we sponsored was appreciated by all although asking for seconds and doggie bags was a bit much... Jenni and Vicky managed to stay wake for most of the time and Bob of course did all the hard work. 

This was followed by the inaugural AMPS Awards dinner in the evening, a fantastic venue in the Hilton ballroom with mandatory dad dancing to follow. 

The Wardpower Team

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them (usually in the Harlequin pub at lunch times) then maybe you can hire… The Wardpower Team

Tim Postnieks

“This is indeed a very rare photo of Tim, only achieved following several painstaking hours in a camouflaged hide, he was tempted into the open by playing Black Sabbath tapes and by placing potted meat sandwiches in his 'run' …He’s gone again now on another mission “by sea by land… Anywhere.

Matthew Burridge

Recently shortlisted for a film part as an MI6 Boffin, Matthew has all the qualifications, unfortunately it turned out his only other acting job was as third king (frankincense) in a production of the Nativity, some chap called Wishaw got the job. Anyway we are lucky to have him in our team, we are a tad concerned about his wristwatch and biro though they keep vibrating.

Duncan Austin

“Most of us have little idea what Duncan is on about most of the time, but he clearly knows his Nybbles and Terabytes and when one of our specialist sites has crashed… we call the D.A.

Denise Hardman

Denise’s motto is 'The creditor hath a better memory than the debtor'. She has heard every tall tale and lays claim to authorship of the classic excuse 'we are having a new carpet fitted in our Accounts dept and decided to give everyone the day off so unfortunately there will not be a cheque run this week'. She has an IQ of 127 and knows where you live… you have been warned.


WARDPOWER offer a range of service packages for all Generating Sets, not just those we’ve built. The location doesn’t matter either. Whether the Generating Set is located in the middle of a city centre, at the end of a mountain road passable only by 4x4 vehicles or on an offshore platform, we’ve got the engineers, training and equipment to do the job right.


Us lot at WARDPOWER, we like a challenge. Thrive on them to be honest but there are times when we want to go and get the men in white coats, especially when we’re presented with 2 car parking spaces in the basement of a building and told that’s the plant room! Parking spaces in Hammersmith, Central London are at a premium that is for sure and the sweet talking we had to do to get that 3rd

space would have won an Oscar in other circumstances.