Scott Davison

Scott is the newest member to our Team. He joins us with a wealth of experience in overseas business. We think he will fit in well, he just hasn't arrived yet - he's currently on the 14th flight of the day and is currently expected to arrive on the 17th Julember. He has a love of Christmas tunes and he's from New Zealand...nothing we could do about that one!

Wardpower @ TowerXchange Africa 2018

 Last week saw our director, Sunil Pai Kane, represent Wardpower at the TowerXchange - Meetup Africa event. Wardpower didn’t just participate in this event, we were also a bronze sponsor for this. For over 50 years, Wardpower has been designing, building and servicing the finest project specific generator sets and low voltage distribution systems. Participation in this meetup opened up new doors for expansion and other opportunities.

Thomas Smith

Tom joins us as an Aeronatuical Engineer. Some may ask “what’s an aeronautical engineer doing in power generation ? others will say gen sets and parts delivered by Drones .. albeit big ones ….you heard it here first “

Gaurapriya Pai Kane

We just managed to catch Gaurapriya in between shopping trips , she is a dedicated shopper and has represented India at the “shop until you drop” world championships in Helsinki 2009, Gaurapriya came a creditable 4th

Jose 'Geronimo' Fernandes

“As our resident Gas expert, what Jose doesn’t know about Methane content spit back detectors and all things Gaseous isn’t worth knowing, he has recently auditioned for a part in the next “Avengers “ saga as a new super hero  “Gasman “ fingers crossed Jose, not sure about the hat though maybe something in red with a flash on it ?

Sunil Pai Kane

You’ve heard the saying he can sell snow to the Eskimos well Sunil has…. together with a heat recovery package and a nice line in solar panels and gen sets, Sunil is our sales supremo,  here he is just after being confirmed as a judge for the forthcoming Eurovision song contest …..don’t forget the ear defenders .

Atul Pai Kane

Here is a photo taken from Atuls latest album cover for “Songs from the Scottish Isles “a rousing collection of sea shanties and highland ditties, Atul is a big fan of all things from north of the border apart from Shortbread Bagpipes tartan ….that leaves ….ah yes of course 

1987 (30 years ago)

Coventry City F.C. win the FA Cup for the first time in their history with a 3–2 win in the final over Tottenham Hotspur.  Unemployment falls below 3 million for the first time since 1981 after the biggest monthly fall in unemployment since records began in 1948 seeing more than 100,000 of the unemployed find jobs in May.   The

Nigel Connah

as Brexit gets into full swing our French pals have been clearing out some of their “undesirables” mai oui…hence Nigel returning to the fold some 16 years after fleeing our  sunny Yorkshire climes ….Slipper of the Yard  has been informed.

Health & Safety Extraordinaire

....we did it ! We finally got our Chairman and Managing Director to attend a health and safety course!